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Media coverage of the new Private Equity State Risk Index

May 28, 2024

This spring, the Private Equity Stakeholder Project launched the Private Equity State Risk Index, a groundbreaking tool aimed at assessing the impacts of private equity on different states. The Private Equity State Risk Index provides stakeholders with insights into the relative risks that states face from private equity buyouts across four crucial areas—Workers and Jobs, Health care, Housing, and Pensions. The Index also includes information on state policy solutions that protect people and communities from the private equity industry and its negative impacts.

As the private equity industry continues to grow exponentially, now surpassing $13 trillion in assets, it becomes imperative for the public, policymakers, and regulators to understand and address its implications. Private equity firms wield significant influence, controlling companies that employ over 11 million workers nationwide, and owning millions of homes, among other key sectors such as health care infrastructure.

Multiple news publications covered the launch of the State Risk Index. Find all the coverage of this new policy tool below:

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