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Private Equity Healthcare Bankruptcies are on the Rise

Key Points 2023 saw a wave of bankruptcies at private equity-owned companies. At least 17 (21%) of the 80 healthcare companies that filed for bankruptcy in 2023 were owned by private equity firms. Another wave of PE-driven healthcare bankruptcies is…


How Private Equity Gets Its Cut from Medicare Advantage

This report examines the role of private equity in the growing multibillion-dollar Medicare Advantage industry. With a rapidly aging population in the US, and therefore growing market for Medicare Advantage products, the MA sector has…


CIM Group: In the Headlines

Over the last 15 years, CIM has been the center of headlines in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal, among other media outlets. The news stories have covered a range of issues: CIM’s…


Brookfield’s Climate Paradox: Climate Pledges vs. Fossil Fuel Reality

Brookfield’s Climate Paradox Climate Pledges vs. Fossil Fuel Reality December 2023 report Private equity giant Brookfield Corporation’s vast fossil fuel investments undermine its stated commitment to tackle climate change. With over $850 billion in assets under management—and despite a declared goal…


Private Equity In Durable Medical Equipment

How Private Equity Profits Off of Disabled and Chronically Ill Americans In recent years, private equity firms have aggressively sought to acquire and control segments of the healthcare industry. A report from the Private…


2023 Private Equity Labor Scorecard

First-Ever Scorecard Grades Biggest Private Equity Firms On Labor Practices A new labor scorecard developed by the Private Equity Stakeholder Project underscores a pattern of hazardous or negligent labor practices within the industry. All eleven private equity…


New Report: Private Equity Profits from Disaster

PESP released its latest report: Private Equity Profits from Disaster. As climate change accelerates and impacts more communities around the world, the need for skilled labor in the disaster restoration industry grows. Increasingly,…

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