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As COVID-19 Surges in Florida and Arizona, Starwood Capital Eviction Cases Loom for Residents

July 6, 2020

Multiple cases appear to violate federal CARES Act eviction moratorium

While the COVID-19 pandemic has kept people at home, private equity firm Starwood Capital, one of the largest apartment owners in the United States, has filed dozens of complaints to evict residents since mid-March. Many of these cases are still active.

Even as stay at home orders were handed down by state and local governments across the US, Starwood Capital entities (including Starwood-affiliated property manager Highmark Residential) were filing to evict residents. In Florida alone, Starwood Capital filed nearly 60 eviction cases after March 16, 2020. Nearly half (25) of the cases were still open as of July 1. Starwood Capital affiliates have filed evictions as recently as June 15. See table below.

Barry Sternlicht, CEO, Chair, and co-founder of Starwood Capital, is also a member of President Donald Trump’s Great American Economic Revival Industry Group, which advises the President on reopening the US economy. Even as the US has seen record numbers of COVID-19 cases in recent days, Sternlicht has maintained that the US must ease restrictions related to COVID-19.[i]

Some evictions appear to violate federal moratoriums

The federal CARES Act, adopted on March 27, prohibits landlords from filing eviction cases for nonpayment of rent and charging late fees to residents of federally backed properties, including properties with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-backed mortgages.

Starwood Capital has drawn on billions of dollars in financing backed by government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in order to acquire apartments.[ii]

In Miami Dade County, Starwood Capital affiliates filed eviction cases in county court against two residents of Kings Colony Apartments on April 2, 2020.[iii] Starwood Capital’s Kings Colony Apartments has a mortgage from Fannie Mae.[iv]

Miami Dade County declared a state of emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 12 and ordered all non-essential retail and commercial establishments to close on March 19.[v]

Also on April 2, a Starwood Capital affiliate filed an eviction case in Lake County, Florida to evict a tenant from the Spring Harbor Apartments,[vi] which has a Freddie Mac-backed mortgage.[vii]

On March 30, also after the CARES Act eviction moratorium took effect, Starwood Capital-owned management company Highmark Residential filed two eviction cases in Duval County, Florida (Jacksonville)[viii] at the Grande Court Apartments, a property with a Freddie Mac-backed mortgage.[ix]

While these cases have since been dismissed, some remained active until mid-June.[x] It is unknown whether the dismissals were contingent on tenants paying rent that Starwood Capital affiliates were seeking.

Starwood Capital also appears to have charged late fees at the Griffin Apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona, which has a Fannie Mae-backed mortgage.[xi] On April 2, after the CARES Act eviction moratorium took effect, a Starwood Capital affiliate obtained a default judgment against a tenant of the apartment complex that included a $493 late charge.[xii]

Starwood Capital files to evict residents in Arizona, Florida as COVID-19 cases rise

Florida and Arizona have both recently seen large spikes in COVID-19 cases. Florida reported 43,964 new COVID-19 cases for the week of June 21-28.[xiii] Arizona has seen a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, reporting 3,858 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, June 28, the most coronavirus cases reported in a single day in the state.[xiv]

Yet Starwood Capital affiliates have recently filed additional eviction cases in both Florida and Arizona.

On May 15, a Starwood Capital affiliate filed an eviction case in Lee County, Florida to evict a resident of the Westwood Apartments, located in Fort Meyers.[xv] The property is financed by both a Freddie Mac-backed mortgage and a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).[xvi] The eviction case is still pending.[xvii]

On June 15, a Starwood Capital affiliate filed to evict a resident of a single-family rental home in in Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona). Starwood Capital obtained a default judgment against the resident a week later, on June 23.[xviii]

Residents respond to Starwood Capital

In some cases, residents have responded to Starwood Capital’s eviction complaints, seeking relief during the pandemic.

On March 26, a day before the CARES Act eviction moratorium took effect, Starwood Capital filed an eviction case in Hillsborough County, Florida at the Wexford Apartments in Tampa.

On April 1, the resident responded, appealing to the judge in light of hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resident noted that she was caring for her three children, and was a home health aid, but had difficulty finding work during the COVID-19 pandemic as clients had cancelled. She reported she was working for three delivery services, was trying to stay afloat, and asked for a payment plan to be able to catch up on what she owed, noting that “trying to find a place to live with an eviction is close to impossible.”

Her case remained open until June 26, when it was dismissed.

On March 24, a Starwood Capital affiliate filed an eviction case in Palm Beach County, Florida at the Cove at Boynton Beach apartments.[xix] The Cove at Boynton Beach has a mortgage backed by Fannie Mae.[xx]

The complaint followed a three-day notice which Starwood Capital’s property served to the resident that stated:

“I demand payment of the rent or possession of the premises within three (3) days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays) from the date of delivery of this notice. To Wit: On or before the 18th day of March, 2020. Please govern yourself accordingly!”

On April 9, the resident responded to Starwood Capital’s eviction complaint, asking for a hearing and noting that she had lost her job on March 15 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of July 1, the eviction case was still pending.[xxi]

Case NumberProperty/Community NameCityCountyStateDate FiledStatusFederally Backed?
CC2020-093284Single family rental property MaricopaAZ6/15/20Adjudicated 
362020CC001973A001CHWestwood ApartmentsFort MeyersLeeFL5/14/20OpenFreddie Mac
CC2020-067096Single family rental property MaricopaAZ4/16/20Open 
35-2020-CC-001830Spring Harbor ApartmentsMount DoraLakeFL4/2/20ClosedFreddie Mac
2020-006200-CC-26Kings Colony ApartmentsMiamiMiami DadeFL4/2/20ClosedFannie Mae
2020-006201-CC-26Kings Colony ApartmentsMiamiMiami DadeFL4/2/20ClosedFannie Mae
2020-CC-003991-XXXXGrande Court ApartmentsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/31/20ClosedFreddie Mac
2020-CC-003989-XXXXGrande Court ApartmentsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/31/20ClosedFreddie Mac
CONO20004605Coconut Palm ClubCoconut CreekBrowardFL3/30/20ClosedFannie Mae
2020-CC-001019-21-SVista Haven ApartmentsSanfordSeminoleFL3/27/20OpenFreddie Mac
2020-CC-003835-XXXXBentley Green AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/26/20ClosedFreddie Mac
20-CC-020655Wexford ApartmentsTampaHillsboroughFL3/26/20ClosedFreddie Mac
2020-005575-CC-26Kings Colony ApartmentsAventuraMiami DadeFL3/24/20Closed 
50-2020-CC-003727-XXXX-WBPark AireRoyal Palm BeachPalm BeachFL3/24/20ClosedFreddie Mac
CONO20004434Sabal Pointe ApartmentsCoral SpringsBrowardFL3/24/20DisposedFannie Mae
CONO20004438Sabal Pointe ApartmentsCoral SpringsBrowardFL3/24/20DisposedFannie Mae
CONO20004431Sabal Pointe ApartmentsCoral SpringsBrowardFL3/24/20DisposedFannie Mae
COCE20006814Wyndham West VillasCoral SpringsBrowardFL3/24/20OpenFannie Mae
2020-CC-003701-XXXXBentley Green AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/24/20OpenFreddie Mac
2020-CC-003714-XXXXLindsey Terrace AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/24/20OpenFreddie Mac
50-2020-CC-003715-XXXX-SBThe Cove at Boynton Beach ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/24/20OpenFannie Mae
2020 LTB 007235Ellicott HouseWashington, DCWashingtonDC3/24/20Open 
2020 LTB 007234Ellicott HouseWashington, DCWashingtonDC3/24/20Open 
2020-CC-003647-XXXXLindsey Terrace AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/23/20AdjudicatedFreddie Mac
CONO20004375Sabal Pointe ApartmentsCoral SpringsBrowardFL3/23/20DisposedFannie Mae
COCE20006682The Landings at Pembroke PinesPembroke PinesBrowardFL3/23/20Open 
20-CC-019832Wexford ApartmentsTampaHillsboroughFL3/23/20OpenFreddie Mac
2020-007187-CC-23Promenade at AventuraAventuraMiami DadeFL3/23/20OpenFannie Mae
2020-006970-CC-23Promenade at AventuraAventuraMiami DadeFL3/20/20ClosedFannie Mae
2020-CC-003929-ORiver Ridge ApartmentsOrlandoOrangeFL3/20/20ClosedFreddie Mac
COCE20006483New River Cove ApartmentsDavieBrowardFL3/20/20Open 
362020CC001351A001CHWestwood ApartmentsFort MeyersLeeFL3/20/20OpenFreddie Mac
20-CC-019063Wexford ApartmentsTampaHillsboroughFL3/19/20ClosedFreddie Mac
2020-006940-CC-23Promenade at AventuraAventuraMiami DadeFL3/19/20ClosedFannie Mae
COCE20006325New River Cove ApartmentsDavieBrowardFL3/19/20Open 
122020CC000368CCAXMXWindsong ApartmentsLake CityColumbiaFL3/19/20OpenFreddie Mac
122020CC000367CCAXMXWindsong ApartmentsLake CityColumbiaFL3/19/20OpenFreddie Mac
50-2020-CC-003561-XXXX-SBThe Cove at Boynton Beach ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/19/20OpenFannie Mae
50-2020-CC-003566-XXXX-SBThe Cove at Boynton Beach ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/19/20OpenFannie Mae
CC2020-055320The Griffin ApartmentsScottsdaleMaricopaAZ3/18/20AdjudicatedFannie Mae
20D07952 DecaturDeKalbGA3/18/20Closed 
20-CC-000983Glen Oaks ApartmentsTallahasseeLeonFL3/18/20ClosedFreddie Mac
2020-CC-003865-OSandlake Pointe ApartmentsOrlandoOrangeFL3/18/20Closed 
50-2020-CC-003488-XXXX-SBThe Cove at Boynton Beach ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/18/20ClosedFannie Mae
50-2020-CC-003507-XXXX-SBThe Cove at Boynton Beach ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/18/20ClosedFannie Mae
502020CC003498XXXXMBParkside ResidenceWest Palm BeachPalm BeachFL3/18/20ClosedFreddie Mac
COCE20006175Sheridan Ocean Club ApartmentsDania BeachBrowardFL3/18/20DisposedFannie Mae
20-CC-000988Glen Oaks ApartmentsTallahasseeLeonFL3/18/20OpenFreddie Mac
20-CC-000989Glen Oaks ApartmentsTallahasseeLeonFL3/18/20OpenFreddie Mac
2020-006886-CC-23Promenade at AventuraAventuraMiami DadeFL3/18/20OpenFannie Mae
CC2020-054134The Village at Lindsay Park ApartmentsMesaMaricopaAZ3/17/20Adjudicated 
CC2020-054125The Village at Lindsay Park ApartmentsMesaMaricopaAZ3/17/20Adjudicated 
16-2020-CC-003732-XXXX-MALindsey Terrace AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/17/20ClosedFreddie Mac
2020-CC-003821-ORiver Ridge ApartmentsOrlandoOrangeFL3/17/20ClosedFreddie Mac
50-2020-CC-003398-XXXX-SBThe Reserve at Ashley Lake ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/17/20Closed 
50-2020-CC-003359-XXXX-SBThe Reserve at Ashley Lake ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/16/20Closed 
50-2020-CC-003357-XXXX-SBThe Reserve at Ashley Lake ApartmentsBoynton BeachPalm BeachFL3/16/20Open 
2020-CC-003580-XXXXLindsey Terrace AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/16/20StayedFreddie Mac
2020-CC-003578-XXXXLindsey Terrace AptsJacksonvilleDuvalFL3/16/20StayedFreddie Mac

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