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Ignoring COVID-19 Surge and CDC Moratorium, Corporate Landlords Press Evictions

December 17, 2020

While the recent surge in COVID-19 cases around the US has overwhelmed hospitals and led governments to reimpose restrictions, many private equity firms and other corporate landlords that own apartment buildings, rental homes, and mobile home parks do not seem to have noticed.

In recent months, corporate landlords have filed growing numbers of eviction actions seeking to remove residents from their homes in the geographies the Private Equity Stakeholder Project has been tracking (in AZ, TX, FL, GA, NV and TN).

This is despite the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) moratorium on residential evictions, which remains in effect through the end of the year to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Just since the beginning of December, large landlords have filed more than 3,100 cases in these geographies (through Dec 11), up 44% versus the same period in November. We have identified more than 24,000 eviction actions filed by private equity firms and other corporate landlords since the CDC Eviction Moratorium was announced on September 1.

For example, just since the start of December:

  • Single family rental giant Invitation Homes has filed at least 65 eviction actions.
  • Publicly-traded apartment company Mid-America Apartment Communities has filed to evict at least 66 residents.
  • Rental home companies Progress Residential and Frontyard Residential, which are in the process of merging, have both filed dozens of eviction actions.
  • Private equity giant the Carlyle Group, with more than $230 billion in assets, has sought to evict more than 20 residents at properties it owns.

A list of corporate landlords that have sought to remove residents since the beginning of December (through 12/11) is below.

Many of these cases are evictions for nonpayment of rent, which are specifically covered by the CDC eviction moratorium.

Recent media coverage:

CNBC, Dec 5: “Why home evictions are still happening despite CDC ban”

New York Times, Dec 17: “Falling Behind on Weekly Rent and Afraid of Being Evicted”

NBC News, Oct 26: “Large corporate landlords have filed 10,000 eviction actions in five states since September”

Corporate landlords that have filed to evict residents in December:

LandlordFilings since 12/1
Abbey Residential82
Western Wealth Capital73
Mid-America Apartment Communities66
Invitation Homes65
Rhodium Capital Advisors64
GPI Investment63
Trinity Management60
Front Yard Residential51
Crown Bay Group48
Progress Residential47
Tides Equities47
Northland Investment Corporation46
Onni Group44
Madera Residential43
Blue Magma Residential40
Camden Property Trust38
Pro Residential36
Lakeshore Management34
Ventron Management, LLC29
American Landmark Apartments27
Carroll Organization27
S2 Capital24
Bell Partners, Inc.24
Greystar Real Estate Partners23
Chandler Residential23
Blue Roc Premier22
Turnstone Capital Management22
Priderock Capital Management22
Carlyle Group21
Audubon Communities20
Villa Serena Communities19
McKinley, Inc.19
Dominium Apartments18
MIG Real Estate18
The Finger Companies18
Jevan Capital17
Nighthawk Equity17
River Valley Communities17
Optimum Properties LLC17
Capital Real Estate16
Robbins Property Associates16
Mosaic Residential16
Western Management16
Bridge Investment Group15
FPA Multifamily15
Federal Capital Partners15
MG Properties Group15
MLA Properties15
MVAH Partners15
Main Street Renewal14
29th Street Capital14
Omninet Capital14
Asia Capital Real Estate Management (ACRE)14
Bluerock Residential13
Good Life Housing Partners13
Asden US13
Gables Residential13
Dalcor Companies12
HQ Capital12
CityR Group12
Beachwold Residential12
Two Water Capital12
Newport Real Estate Partners12
Sylvan Road Capital12
Eaton Vance12
Waterton Residential11
Crest Asset Management11
RealSource Residential11
Pacific Transwest Real Estate11
Alco Management11
Smart Living/ RAH Contractors11
Nitya Capital11
ECI Group11
Covenant Capital Group10
Southport Financial Services10
FifeCo Properties10
TruAmerica Multifamily10
AMBO Properties10
GoldCor Capital Partners10
Bellrock Management10
Klein Financial10
Code Real Estate Partners10
Stoneweg US10
TriPro Management10
Investors Property Services10
Michaelson Real Estate Group9
Read Property Group9
Pennybacker Capital9
Bean Investment Real Estate9
Blazer Building9
Campus Apartments, LLC9
InterCapital Group9
Forum Investment Group9
Starwood Capital Group9
Ilan Investments9
Graoch Associates8
Collegiate Housing Services Inc8
DJ Acquisitions8
White Oak Partners8
Westdale Asset Management8
Prosperity Capital Partners8
Global Horizons Group8
Cortland Partners8
Goldelm Capital LLC8
GWR Equities LLC8
Weidner Apartment Homes8
B Net Management8
Dunross Capital8
Odin Properties8
Emerald Equity8
WRH Realty8
The Collier Companies7
Rivendell Global Real Estate7
Clarion Partners7
Amzak Capital Management7
Inwood Holdings7
Bedrock Communities7
Horizon Realty Advisors7
Davis Development7
Republic Funds7
Grand Peaks Properties7
Star Pacific Capital Management7
Bigelow Companies7
Sun Communities7
Harbor Group International7
Keener Investments7
Home Partners Of America7
Maxx Properties7
Tradewind Properties6
Siegel Group6
Lloyd Jones Capital6
Nuveen/ TIAA-CREF6
J. Milton6
Anthology Investments6
ValCap Group6
PB Bell Asset Management6
Sandalwood Living6
Peak Capital Partners6
Equity Lifestyle Properties6
Highland Capital/ Nexpoint Advisors, L.P.6
Apex Equity Group6
HM Equity Management6
NorthEnd Equities6
MLG Capital6
Zevulon Capital LLC6
Richdale Apartments6
Westmount Realty Capital6
White Eagle Property Group6
Enzo Multifamily6
JRK Property Holdings5
Marketplace Properties5
First Communities Management5
AV Properties5
The Richman Group5
General Services Corporation5
Olen Living5
RK Properties5
Olen Properties5
The PAULS Corporation5
The Shoptaw Group5
Shephard Investment Group5
Pelican Realty Management5
Southstar Capital Group5
Avanath Capital Management5
SPL Real Estate & Management Company5
Urban Communities Fund5
NALS Apartment Homes5
Cornerstone Income Properties5
Starlight Investments5
Oaktree Capital5
Northwood Management5
PrivatePortfolio Group4
Tusk Equity Partners4
Kairoi Residential4
Southern Affordable Services4
CFH Group4
Marlin Spring4
Gorman & Company4
True North Management Group4
Steadfast Companies4
Tzadik Management4
Aukum Group4
Blue Sky Communities4
Atlas Capital4
Archway Corp4
Sundance Bay Multifamily4
IMT Residential4
JB Partners4
Kairos Investment Management4
The Coastline Group4
GoldOller Real Estate Investments4
Grand Estates MHP Management4
Pacifica Companies4
CLK Properties4
Geringer Capital4
Iliad Realty Group4
Pensam Capital4
Redwood Capital Group4
Patrinely Group4
Related Companies4
Resource Real Estate4
The ValCap Group4
SPI Advisory4
Medve Group4
Milbrook Properties4
Sheiner Group4
Juniper Investment Group4
Emma Capital4
Lantower Residential4
Security Properties3
Eagle Property Capital3
Merion Realty Partners3
Commerce Capital Partners3
Waypoint Real Estate Investments3
Continental Properties3
TLR Group3
Falcon Affiliates, LLC3
Turner Impact Capital3
BH Management3
Varden Capital Properties, LLC3
Keller Investment Properties3
Next Round Asset Management3
Blue Stone Premier Properties3
Broadtree Residential3
Lafayette Communities3
Olympus Property3
RAAMCO International3
Haven Realty Capital3
InterUrban Companies3
Bascom Group3
Mill Creek Residential Trust3
Wynkoop Financial3
Goodman Real Estate3
CED Capital Holdings3
West Shore LLC3
Centra Partners3
JLB Partners3
Strategic Managment Partners3
Price Realty Corporation3
Structure Capital, LLC3
Timberland Partners3
M Shapiro Real Estate Group3
Cal-Am Properties3
CX Holdings LP3
Independence Realty Trust3
Sunstone Properties Trust3
GMF Capital3
SWBC Insurance3
Housing Trust Group3
Rayburn Capital Partners LLC3
Brandywine Homes3
Claye Properties3
37th Parallel Properties3
Investors Capital Group3
The Connor Group3
Barvin Group Investments3
Maxus Properties3
Berkshire Residential Investments3
The Lighthouse Group3
Electra America3
The Metrontario Group3
Jamco Properties, Inc3
Elon Property Management3
The Praedium Group3
Capital Management3
The Preiss Company3
Sares Regis Group3
PMC Property Group Apartments3
Preferred Apartment Communities3
LaSalle Investment Management3
Liquid Capital3
Whitaker Capital2
DeBartolo Holdings2
Belkorp Real Estate2
BET Investments2
Olive Tree Holdings2
Storm Properties2
MBP Capital2
Northpoint Asset Management2
Stratford Partners Real Estate2
Seneca Investments2
B.F. Management2
Benedict Canyon Equities2
Sun Asset Management2
Clear Capital Group2
Atlantic | Pacific Companies2
Nicholas Residential2
Atlantic Development & Investments2
Alliance Residential2
Abington Properties2
Robson Resort Communities2
Sureste Property Services2
LC Squared Capital2
Green Courte Partners2
Lexerd Capital Management2
ESG Kullen2
Imperion Investments2
TESCO Properties, Inc2
Aspen Square Management2
American Residential Investment Management2
Pacific Reach Properties2
JK Properties2
Besyata Investment Group2
Milestone Group2
Arel capital2
RHP Properties2
The Hallmark Companies, Inc.2
KnightVest Capital2
Millburn and Company2
Boston Financial Investment Management2
Promise Homes2
UBS Realty Investors2
Cottonwood Residential2
University Communities LLC2
Castle Lanterra Properties2
Chetrit Group2
Rath/Harper and Associates2
LEM Capital, L.P.2
The Premiere Residential2
Waterford Residential2
Abacus Capital Group2
MRT Realty Group2
Weinstein Properties2
DRA Advisors2
Think Multifamily2
RedBridge Capital2
Wexler Partners2
Redhill Realty Investors2
Oxford Properties2
KC Venture Group2
Windmill Investment Partners2
National Equity Fund, Inc.2
Budget Suites of America2
ReNue Properties2
Florida Land Fund, LLC2
1802 Capital2
LS Global Advisors1
Melo Group1
Mark-Taylor Companies1
Rockwood Capital1
Millennial Capital Company LLC1
Ginsberg Property Group1
HILLS Properties1
SAFCO Capital1
McCann Realty Partners1
Aragon Holdings1
3rd Avenue Investments1
Momentum Real Estate Partners1
Liv Communities/ IPA1
Monument Real Estate Services1
BH Equities1
Morguard Apartments1
Magellan Development Group1
Sentinel Peak Capital Partners1
Quad Property Group1
Bear Capital Partners1
McDowell Properties1
Deancurt Realty1
Access Ventures1
Bear Holdings1
Willner Realty & Development1
Simpson Housing1
CF Real Estate Services1
The Scion Group1
ARC Investments1
Thompson Thrift1
New City Group1
Pillar Communities1
Good Living Ventures1
Preston Giuliano Capital Partners1
Boardwalk Properties1
PrivCap Companies1
NextGen Apartments1
Conam Management1
Gorelick Brothers Capital1
Capital Growth Corp1
KA Capital, LLC1
Real Estate Inverlad1
American Homes 4 Rent1
Watermark Residential1
CIM Group1
Sterling Group1
Caspian Properties1
GPK Real Estate1
City Gate Property Group1
Wood Partners1
Northport Realty1
Yes! Communities1
AEW Capital Management1
Rockwell Management1
Streetlights Residential1
Fairfield Residential1
Novel Property Ventures1
LMS Investment Management1
Lurin Real Estate1
Kingsley Management Corp1
Luxe Residential1
Picerne Real Estate Group1
Axonic Capital1
ZRS Apartments1
Brookfield Asset Management1
Trinsic Residential1
Ashcroft Capital1
MAG Real Estate1
lan Investments1
HLC Equity1
TA Realty1
Marble Partners1
TAAS investments1
Falkin Platnick Realty Group1
Lancaster Apartment Ventures1
Pure Multi-Family REIT1
The Altman Companies1
Canyon Partners, LLC1
The Bascom Group1
FLM Enterprises1
The Brookview Companies1
Venterra Realty1
One Real Estate Investment1
Veritas Equity Management1
Cache Private Capital1
Banta Properties1
The Community Development Trust1
Angelo Gordon & Co1
The Connell Company1
Blackstone Group1
3 Points Realty Partners1
Frankforter Group1
The Cornerstone Group1
FSC Realty1
Hamilton Zanze1
Gamla Cedron Group1
The Giddings Group1
Cypress Point Equity Partners1
B&M Management1
Millennia Companies1
Harrison Street Real Estate Capital1
RKW Residential1
The Lynd Company1
Woshi Investments1
The Mahaffey Company1
Mitch Cox Companies1
Lincoln Property Company1
YMP Real Estate Management1
Extended Stay America1
Rockstar Capital1
Paramount Homes1
Parkland Ventures1
Mack Real Estate Group1
Grand Total3173

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