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Database launched on private equity firms employing 10K+ workers

September 4, 2023

Private equity firms directly employ 12 million people in the United States alone, and millions more around the world. The largest number of workers employed by private equity-owned companies are concentrated in low-wage industries such as food service, retail, healthcare, and security. While focusing on growing cash flows at the companies they buy, private equity firms often take a low road approach and seek to reduce wages, benefits, and staffing at companies they acquire – with devastating consequences to millions of workers, their families and entire communities.

Private equity firms typically have a controlling stake in the portfolio companies they own, meaning they have the power to impact jobs and working conditions. As the ultimate owners of these companies, private equity firms should implement minimum labor standards such as those in the Private Equity Labor Rights Platform across their portfolios. 

This database contains information on nearly 200 private equity-owned companies with 10,000 or more employees. The table can be filtered and sorted by any of the columns such as Current Owner or Industry

Scroll through these visualizations to see firm-level data on the largest private equity employers. Some NAICS categories have been combined to simplify the visualizations (ex: Retail Trade and Wholesale Trade).

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