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Private Equity Health Care Acquisitions – March 2023

May 4, 2023

In light of the growing investor interest in healthcare and the risks associated with private equity ownership of healthcare companies, the Private Equity Stakeholder Project is tracking private equity-backed healthcare acquisitions. Below is a list of private equity healthcare buyouts, growth investments, and add-on acquisitions completed or announced during March 2023. We will continue to track acquisitions on a monthly basis.

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We tracked 40 add-on acquisitions, 7 buyouts, and 17 growth/expansion investments in March, for a total of 64 private equity deals.


Deal activity in outpatient care remains steady

The outpatient care sector saw 17 deals in March, including two growth investments and two add-on acquisitions in the dental care industry. Other subsectors with deal activity included pain management, dermatology, orthopedics, eye care, and physical therapy.

Iron Path Capital made 5 add-on acquisitions to its platform company, Capitol Pain Institute, expanding its reach to four states in total: Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Colorado.[1] Three of these add-ons were of pain management providers in Colorado, and two involved surgery centers.[2] Its acquisition of plastic surgery center Gregory J. Liebscher, MD, FACS was not announced in a press release, but was reported in PitchBook.[3]

United Digestive, a gastroenterology physician practice management firm with 200 providers across 80 locations in the southeastern U.S., was acquired by private equity firm Kohlberg and Company, ending its affiliation with Frazier Healthcare Partners.[4] Frazier Healthcare helped create United Digestive as a platform company in 2018.[5]

Gastroenterology is a relatively new specialty that private equity has set its sights on, with acquisitions accelerating after 2017. Despite its newness as an investment target, Physician Growth Partners reported that by Fall 2021, nearly 10% of gastroenterologist were partners or employed by a private equity platform.[6]

An aging population and more expansive screening guidelines (which means more people are getting colonoscopies to screen for colorectal cancer),[7] a shortage of gastroenterology providers, and industry fragmentation are all drivers of increased private equity investment.[8]

Recent research has found that private equity-acquired gastroenterology physician practices were associated with increased health spending and utilization.[9]


PE continues its incursion into autism services

In autism services, Invo Healthcare Associates, owned by Golden Gate Capital, acquired autism service provider ABA2Today Behavior Services.[10]

ABS Kids received growth capital from an undisclosed investor, according to PitchBook. Since 2019, it has been owned by Petra Capital Partners, Altos Health Management and MMC Health Services.[11]

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA), which is a type of therapy provided to people with autism, is particularly attractive for investors; according to STAT, “the ABA industry charges tens of thousands of dollars per client per year for services insurers are legally obligated to cover. Not only that, autism diagnoses are growing more and more common, now estimated at 1 in 44 kids.”[12]

Because of private equity’s typical playbook that aims to make outsized profits over short time horizons, private equity investment in autism services has recently come under scrutiny. Tara Bannow, writing for STAT, explains: “Families and clinicians who once believed fully in the promise of ABA say the financial investors’ fixation on profit has degraded the quality of services kids receive, turning it into the equivalent of fast food therapy.”[13]


Struggling dialysis company receives growth investment

U.S. Renal Care received a $1.42 million growth investment from undisclosed investors. This is the third growth investment from undisclosed investors that U.S. Renal Care has received since it was bought by in 2019 by a private equity investment group consisting of Bain Capital, Summit Partners, Revelstoke Partners, along with other investors and management.[14]

In December 2022, Becker’s Hospital Review published Moody’s list of 34 healthcare companies “at risk of default going into 2023 amid excessive debt levels and weak operating performance.”[15] U.S. Renal Care made the list, with a Moody’s rating of Caa1-PD Caa1.[16] According to Bloomberg, the “company has been squeezed by the pandemic, which increased death rates among patients and intensified staffing shortages.”[17] Its $1.6 billion term loan due in 2026 was trading at 66.7 cents on the dollar as of April 24, 2023, down from 91.6 cents a year ago.[18]

U.S. Renal Care is one of the largest dialysis providers in the U.S.[19] According to its website, the company “serves more than 26,000 patients across 32 states in more than 400 facilities providing in-center and home dialysis.”[20]

It has been backed by various private equity firms since 2005, which have collectively saddled the company with hundreds of millions in debt.[21]

Excessive leverage is not unique to U.S. Renal Care. Various other healthcare companies are increasingly at risk for default: PESP found that of the 34 healthcare companies listed in Moody’s December report, nearly 90% are owned by private equity firms.[22]

Arthur Wong, a healthcare analyst at S&P Global Ratings, told Bloomberg in February that “Healthcare has been traditionally seen as one of the safest and more recession-proof industries, and had good growth prospects, so private equity firms entered the sector and levered the companies up.”[23]


March 2023 Buyouts

CompaniesCompany TypeType 2PE Firms
GiftHealthHealth ITpharmacy servicesEir Partners
PerkinElmer (Applied, Food and Enterprise Services Businesses)Laboratory services New Mountain Capital
Supreme OptimizationMarketinglife sciencesTrinity Hunt Partners
TacMed SolutionsMedtechmedical supplies and EquipmentCNL Strategic Capital
Innovia MedicalMedtechmanufacturing; designInverness Graham
Rhythmlink InternationalMedtechmanufacturingGraham Partners
United DigestiveOutpatient caregastroenterologyKohlberg & Company


March 2023 Add-on Acquisitions

CompaniesCompany TypeType 2PE Firms/LendersAdd-on Platform
Ascent Surgery Center (Plano)Ambulatory surgical center Iron Path CapitalCapitol Pain Institute
Wellington Counseling GroupBehavioral healthpsychotherapyThurston GroupARC Psychiatry
Essex ManagementConsultinglife sciences researchNew Mountain CapitalThe Emmes Company
Agilis Consulting GroupContract research organizationmedical devicesWestView Capital PartnersKymanox
ABA2DAY Behavior ServicesDisability servicesautism servicesAres Capital Corporation BDC, Ares Management, Golden Gate CapitalInvo HealthCare Associates
Patient PatternHealth ITgeriatric patient risk managementDragoneer Investment Group, Hellman & Friedman, JMI Equity, Pohlad Companies, Tao Capital PartnersPointClickCare
TreatRxHealth IT/PharmacyE-Prescription softwarePSGDoseSpot
PharmaHealth LabsHealthcare Communications Knox Lane, MidCap Financial Investment BDCFingerpaint
Home Sweet Home In-Home CareHome care Lorient Capital ManagementPurposeCare
Safe Harbor HospiceHospice Prairie CapitalLegacy Hospice Holdings
AlimetrixLaboratory services Atheneum Capital, DW Healthcare PartnersSpectrum Solutions
MicroarraysLaboratory tech Atheneum Capital, DW Healthcare PartnersSpectrum Solutions
Destination AestheticsMedical spa Leon Capital GroupAdvanced MedAesthetic Partners
WorldWide HealthStaff SolutionsMedical staffingInternational recruitmentPNC Erieview Capital, Beecken Petty O’Keefe & Company, Heritage Group, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Centerbridge PartnersMedical Solutions
Vyaire Medical (Respiratory and Anesthesia Consumables Business)MedtechmanufacturingDempsey Ventures, Frazier Healthcare PartnersSunMed
Global Surgical (SMR-A Brand of ENT Equipment)MedtechmanufacturingUndisclosedBoyd Industries
FluoroprobesMedtechmanufacturingAudax Group, Thompson Street Capital PartnersVector Laboratories
Click Chemistry ToolsMedtechmanufacturingAudax Group, Thompson Street Capital PartnersVector Laboratories
Armstrong Nutrition ManagementNutrition Evolution Capital PartnersHealth Technologies (Saint Louis)
Dietitians for Health CareNutritionconsulting for long term care and assisted living facilitiesEvolution Capital PartnersHealth Technologies (Saint Louis)
Spinal Diagnostics and Regenerative MedicineOutpatient carepain management; spinal diagnosticsIron Path CapitalCapitol Pain Institute
Springs RehabilitationOutpatient carepain managementIron Path CapitalCapitol Pain Institute
The Peak Physical MedicineOutpatient carepain management; physician medicineIron Path CapitalCapitol Pain Institute
The Ophthalmic CenterOutpatient careeye careChicago Pacific Founder Duchossois Capital ManagementSightMD
Orthopedic Associates (Texas)Outpatient careorthopedics; physical therapy, sports medicineA&M Capital, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & StoweUnited Musculoskeletal Partners
Fox Creek Family DentalOutpatient caredental careRallyday PartnersEspire Dental
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of TexasOutpatient careear, nose, and throatAudax GroupElevate ENT Partners
Spectrum Therapy ConsultantsOutpatient carephysical therapySheridan Capital PartnersEmpower Physical Therapy
Skin Cancer Specialists (Marietta)Outpatient caredermatologyAthyrium Capital Management, Gryphon InvestorsWater’s Edge Dermatology
Surgical Dermatology GroupOutpatient caredermatologyAthyrium Capital Management, Gryphon Investors, GTCRWater’s Edge Dermatology
Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S.Outpatient caredental careThurston GroupSouth Georgia Dental Management
Precision Orthopedics SpecialitiesOutpatient careorthopedicsRevelstoke Capital PartnersBeacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Retina Associates of Greater PhiladelphiaOutpatient careeye careZenyth PartnersReFocus Eye Health
WeCareMDOutpatient care Kinderhook IndustriesBetter Health Group (Florida)
PharmaForce InternationalPharma/Biotechmarket researchNorthlane Capital PartnersSAI MedPartners
Gregory J. Liebscher, MD, FACSPlastic surgery Iron Path CapitalCapitol Pain Institute
Advanced Plastic Surgery CenterPlastic surgery Leon Capital GroupAdvanced MedAesthetic Partners
Chi-MaticRevenue Cycle Management Audax Group, Carlyle Credit Solutions BDC, Carlyle Secured Lending BDCThe Chartis Group
Simple ResetWellnesssleep hygiene appAlpine InvestorsIngenio
HMR PlanWellness Ten Oaks GroupProfile by Sanford


March 2023 Growth/Expansion Investments

CompaniesCompany TypeType 2PE Firms
Ascend HealthcareBehavioral healthtelepsychiatryABRY Partners
Bio Behavioral InstituteBehavioral health Miramar Equity Partners
Bluetree DentalOutpatient caredental careClairvest Group
Smile SourceOutpatient caredental careIncline Equity Partners, Oxer Capital
U.S. Renal CareDialysis Undisclosed
ABS KidsDisability servicesABA therapy; autismUndisclosed
Streamline Healthcare SolutionsHealth ITEHRGauge Capital
XevantHealth IT HCAP Partners
Optimum Healthcare ITHealth ITstaffing & consultingEquus Holdings
Prognos HealthHealth IThealthcare analyticsMontage Capital
WeInfuseInfusion services Curewell Capital
United Medical SystemsMedtechmobile medical equipment 
JenaValve TechnologyMedtechdeveloper and manufacturer of  TAVR systemsRosetta Capital
iOR PartnersOffice-based surgeryoffice-based surgeryUndisclosed
Team Health HoldingsPhysician staffing  
Wellness CoachesWellness Undisclosed
Avesta Ketamine and WellnessWellness/anesthesiology Novidam Capital Partners



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