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What every housing organizer needs to know about private equity

March 28, 2024

Despite private equity’s immense impact on housing markets, the average person knows little about how the industry functions. For advocates and tenants organizing in private equity-owned properties, this can pose some challenges.

To help bridge this knowledge gap, the Private Equity Stakeholder Project’s housing team led a virtual education session on the ins and outs of private equity for housing organizers. In the webinar, Senior Campaign Coordinator K Agbebiyi and Research Coordinator Mad Bankson outlined how private equity investments impact the housing market, as well as how tenants and advocates can organize against bad behavior by corporate landlords. Attendees were also able to ask questions about campaigning in order to inform their own advocacy.

Points of interest

02:49 – Introduction to private equity

06:35 – Private equity and housing

13:11 – Private equity investments in housing: case studies

15:19 – Private equity investors: pension funds

17:02 – Organizing against private equity

20:16 – How to find out who owns your building

35:23 – Q+A

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