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Gas World : Texas communities call for stop on Rio Grande LNG

In November, South Texas community activists and tribal groups directly affected by the proposed Rio Grande Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal addressed the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB), demanding the state pension fund seek to halt the polluting LNG project. Despite…

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The Carlyle Group’s fundraising failure

The Carlyle Group’s two-year fundraising journey for its flagship buyout fund, Carlyle Partners VIII, closed in August raising an abysmal 54 percent of its $27 billion goal and overall 20 percent less than what the firm raised for…


Brookfield’s Climate Paradox: Climate Pledges vs. Fossil Fuel Reality

Brookfield’s Climate Paradox Climate Pledges vs. Fossil Fuel Reality December 2023 report Private equity giant Brookfield Corporation’s vast fossil fuel investments undermine its stated commitment to tackle climate change. With over $850 billion in assets under management—and despite a declared goal…

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