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Private Equity Health Care Acquisitions – September 2022

October 17, 2022

Private Equity Health Care Acquisitions – September 2022

In light of the growing investor interest in healthcare and the risks associated with private equity ownership of healthcare companies, the Private Equity Stakeholder Project will be tracking private equity-backed healthcare acquisitions. Below is a list of private equity healthcare buyouts and add-on acquisitions completed or announced during September 2022. We will continue to track acquisitions on a monthly basis.

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In September 2022, there were 77 private equity acquisitions and growth/equity investments in the healthcare space across a wide range of subsectors.

Private equity grows investment in Dental Services Organizations (DSOs)

Private equity firms continued to direct attention to specialty physician and dentistry practices with 20 add-ons or buyouts tracked for September. Endodontics, in particular, saw three add-on acquisitions by Quad-C Management to their platform company, U.S. Endodontics Partners, a dental services organization (DSO)[1] with over 80 offices in 28 states as of November 2021.[2] DSOs provide non-clinical business services to dental practices (such as billing and marketing). They also provide an avenue for private equity firms to skirt around regulations: in July 2021, PESP’s Eileen O’Grady reported how, “Both the DSO and physician practice management industries appear to have been created, largely by private equity firms, to avoid regulation that prohibits investor ownership of clinical practices.”

Because private equity firms aim to produce outsized returns on their investments over the short term, private equity-owned dental practices may be incentivized to engage in profitable, but harmful, practices. O’Grady explains:

“Pressure to meet revenue targets has been shown to lead to over-booking and understaffing or rushing through treatments to maximize the volume of patients. It can also lead dentists and hygienists to push unnecessary or expensive procedures, such as drilling into healthy teeth, conducting unnecessary and costly x-rays or screenings, and performing medically unnecessary root canals.”[3]


Investor interest in Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and life sciences research and development

Investors also saw ample opportunity in the medical and life sciences research sphere in September. We tracked 7 add-on acquisitions involving 15 different private equity firms, as well as 2 buyouts and one growth investment in a variety of contract research organizations (CROs) involved in research and development and regulatory/research compliance support. As noted in our June 2022 acquisitions blog post, “CROs can be an attractive investment choice for private equity firms because it’s a fragmented industry with opportunity for consolidation, and because unlike investment in pharmaceutical companies themselves, revenues will not depend on whether a drug makes it to market or not.”[4]

According to the American Investment Council (the primary lobbying group that represents private equity firms in the U.S.[5]), “investors are able to dramatically improve the hundreds of service providers that play a vital role in health care innovation and patient care,” and that “PE Firms can help drastically reduce costs and make drug development much more efficient.”[6]

These claims beg the question: for whom can private equity generate a reduction of costs and increase in efficiencies? Drugs (especially expensive biologics) and medical devices continue to drive high health care costs in the United States that ultimately fall on the consumer via higher insurance premiums, hospital bills, and out-of-pocket expenses.[7]

With a focus on generating substantial profits over relatively short time horizons (4-7 years), private equity firms add another layer of profit extraction into an already convoluted healthcare industry. Without having to incur the risks of a drug or device failing to make it to market, private equity firms that invest in CROs can profit from medical research and development even if consumers do not benefit. Further, in the absence of price controls for pharmaceuticals and devices, any purported cost savings that private equity firms can help generate for life sciences research will not necessarily trickle down to the consumers. Lastly, increasing consolidation of CROs and other companies involved in research and development (R&D) has the potential to drive up the costs of R&D if some companies gain outsized market power and can then extract higher prices for the services they provide.

Given the exorbitant costs of prescription drugs, biologics, and medical devices in the United States, private equity’s growing presence in the life sciences and medical research and development is cause for concern and warrants further scrutiny from researchers and regulators.


Medical Real Estate

September also saw private equity firm Stepstone Group make a “significant” investment of an undisclosed amount in Anchor Health Properties, an “owner, manager, and developer of healthcare real estate across the United States.”[8] Medical real estate is an attractive investment, as many consider it “recession resistant” and anticipate steady returns as the population ages.[9]

One analyst cited on the website of a major lobbying group for real estate investment trusts (REITs) explains:

“ ‘The baby boomer generation is like a huge pig that needs to work its way through a snake…People in their 80s tend to go to the doctor with more frequency than those below age 65. As the baby boomers age, there will be increased demand throughout the continuum of care that will first impact medical office buildings, then hospitals, then ultimately senior housing and skilled nursing centers.’”[10]

In addition to direct investments in REITs, some private equity firms that have purchased hospitals derive quick returns from selling the hospital medical real estate to REITs in sale-leaseback transactions. This generates immediate cash flow for the private equity firm which can soon thereafter exit its investment with fatter pockets than before, while leaving the hospital holding the bag in the form of burdensome monthly rent payments.[11] Such a practice is, in essence, asset-stripping, and can contribute to financial distress and even closure of hospitals.

September 2022 Add-on Acquisitions

CompanyTypePE Firm(s)Add-on Platform
Assisted Living Locatorsassisted livingThe Riverside CompanyExecutive Home Care Franchising
Sasco River Centerbehavioral healthThurston GroupARC Psychiatry
MedPharmicsclinical research organizationGHO CapitalVelocity Clinical Research
C3 Research Associatescontract research organizationThe Riverside CompanyAvance Clinical
Charlottesville Medical Research Centercontract research organizationICP Group, Impact Engine, Martis CapitalAlcanza Clinical Research
Sekisui XenoTechcontract research organizationLinden Capital PartnersBioIVT
Katericcontract research organization/regulatory complianceAudax Group, Crescent Capital Group, Odyssey Investment PartnersProPharma Group
Bay Area DentaldentalCulper Capital Partners, Five Points Capital, Thurston GroupGen4 Dental Partners
LRH DentistrydentalQuilvest Private Equity, RF Investment PartnersSelect Dental Management
Endodontic Specialistsdental (endodontics)Quad-C ManagementU.S. Endodontics Partners
Highlands Ranch Endodonticsdental (endodontics)Quad-C ManagementU.S. Endodontics Partners
Oakwood Endodonticsdental (endodontics)Quad-C ManagementU.S. Endodontics Partners
Birmingham Orthodonticsdental (orthodontics)Vistria GroupRock Dental Brands
Evergreen Vision Cliniceye careArchimedes Health Investors, NewSpring CapitalPanorama Eyecare
OptymEdgeeye careNew Mountain CapitalThe Emmes Company
West Georgia Eye Care Centereye careLLR PartnersEye Health America
Fertility Institute of NJ & NYfertility clinicsPartners GroupAxia Women’s Health
Charlottesville Gastroenterology AssociatesgastroenterologyOMERS Private Equity, Penfund ManagementGastro Health
Life Imagehealth ITArdan Equity, HG Capital (UK), ST6 Partners, TA Associates ManagementIntelerad Medical Systems
SRX (New York)health ITWindRose Health InvestorsThird Wave Recovery Systems
Help Desk Dentalhealth IT (dental)Baymark Partners, Portman Ridge Finance Corp. BDCIT Voice
Payer Compasshealth IT/softwareBain Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, BPEA Private Equity, Edison Partners, Parthenon Capital Partners, Twin Bridge Capital PartnersZelis Healthcare
Artisan Healthcare Consultinghealthcare consultingCreadevAlira Health
Claro Healthcarehealthcare consultingMadison Dearborn PartnersKaufman, Hall, and Associates
Jupiter Life Science Consultinghealthcare consultingMaranon Capital, The Riverside CompanyRed Nucleus Solutions
Proximity Healthhealthcare data/analyticsSusquehanna Growth EquityHMP Global
Amplion (Business/Productivity Software)healthcare data/analytics/AISunwater CapitalBioInformatics
GrowthPlughealthcare marketingGreater Sum Ventures, Lightyear CapitalPracticeTek
Aeratech Home Medicalhome respiratory careMaranon Capital, New Harbor CapitalAdvent Home Medical
GHC HospicehospiceRidgemont Equity PartnersAgape Care Group
Superconducting Systemsmed techDeerfield Management, Trinity CapitalImris
Preventive Maintenance Medicalmed tech (maintenance/service)Atlantic Street CapitalPrescott’s
Health Cost Controlmedical claims managementGreat Point PartnersValenz
Coding Services Groupmedical codingAres Credit Group, Blackstone, Blackstone Credit, Brigade Capital Management, Fidelity Investments, Frontline Strategy Funds, RBC Capital MarketsAquity Solutions
Parsons Medical Communicationsmedical communicationsApollo Investment Corporation BDC, Knox LaneFingerpaint
Infusion Center of Pennsylvaniamedical infusion servicesInTandem Capital PartnersVivo Infusion
Ez Nutrition ConsultingnutritionEvolution Capital PartnersHealth Technologies (Saint Louis)
Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesvilleorthopedic careRevelstoke Capital PartnersBeacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
MDClearpharmacyOsceola Capital ManagementRevelation Pharma
Cortez Foot & Ankle SpecialistspodiatryNew MainStream CapitalFoot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic
Next Step Foot and Ankle CenterspodiatryNew MainStream CapitalFoot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic
Supero Healthcare Solutionspractice management servicesOsceola Capital ManagementPayrHealth
Medideeregulatory compliance (medical devices)Accelmed, Lauxera Capital Partners, Summit PartnersVeranex
BioPharma Globalresearch complianceAurora Capital Partners, Golub Capital BDC, Leonard Green & PartnersPace Analytical Services
Intellisrevenue cycle managementThe Firmament Groupe4 Services
Urology Associates (Indiana)urologyLee Equity PartnersSolaris Health


September 2022 Buyouts

CompanyTypePE Firm(s)
Catalina Research Instituteclinical research organizationLatticework Capital Management
iuvo BioSciencecontract research organizationAmpersand Capital Partners
Paradigm Oral Surgerydental (oral surgery)BlackRock Private Equity Partners
EyeSouth Partnerseye careOlympus Partners
UgenTechealth IT/softwareSumma Equity
The Chamberlain Groupmedical modelsNorth Haven Capital
Renal Care 360nephrologyPharos Capital Group
Mays & Schnapp Neurospine and Painpain managementCompass Group Equity Partners
Face Reality Acne Clinicskin careNorwest Venture Partners


September 2022 Growth/Expansion Investments

CompanyTypePE Firm(s)
Ark Behavioral Healthbehavioral health (substance abuse disorders)unknown
ixCells BiotechnologiesbiotechGreat Point Partners
Cardiovascular Associates of AmericacardiologyMedEquity Capital
Specialty Dental BrandsdentalTSG Consumer Partners
Tailwater Dental PartnersdentalEagle Private Capital
Riverside Oral Surgerydental (oral surgery)MedEquity Capital
MediaLabenterprise systemsunknown
Prosperity Behavioral Healthfinancial services (behavioral health)NewSpring Capital
SpendMendhealth IT/softwareSpectrum Health Ventures
SurgiMatehealth IT/softwareBanneker Partners
Triyamhealth IT/softwareFutaleufu Partners
SHINE Medical Technologieslife sciencesunknown
Therabodymedical devicesNorth Castle Partners, Rx3 Growth Partners, Hartbeat Ventures
EchoNousmedical imaging/AIunknown
Anchor Health Propertiesmedical real estateStepstone
Revive Med Spamedical spaWSC & Company
Innovative ECMO Conceptsmedical staffing and training – ECLS1315 Capital
Levolta PharmaceuticalspharmaCRG Capital Partners
Indigo Physiotherapyphysical therapyWSC & Company and The Operand Group
Curalta Foot & AnklepodiatryNorth Haven Capital
Research & Development InstituteR&DAnacapa Partners


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